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What’s Brewing, August 12, 2021


12 August 2021

Good Day and Greetings to Everyone!

Happy August. Today’s heat index is currently at 103 degrees! That’s hot no matter where you are from. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be part of a meeting of Pastors at our District Superintendent, Cathy Boileau’s home. There were about 10 of us, so the meeting was held in her back yard, which has no trees. It was a great time of fellowship and discussion, but what we all found somewhat humorous is how we were all, literally, dripping with sweat by the end of the meeting. It was not just the heat, but the humidity- anyone seeing us leaving must have thought that we had just received a good working over by our boss! The truth is that Cathy is wonderful to work with and all of us feel blessed to have her as our DS.

Well, our new doors are installed at Yorkshire! Your response has been very positive! Our tailed friends not so much. The doors have met our expectations in every way. With some minor adjustments to our
original quote and the addition of some access technology, our final

price will come in around $22-24,000.00. Through the utilization of honorariums that the church has received over the years as well as many of your generous contributions, we have raised about $15,000 to offset our costs. At this point the difference will come out of church fund balances, which are available. But we still have much work to be done at Yorkshire Church. We have work that needs to be done outdoors. Often, during heavy rains, water continues to challenge our foundation, often flowing into our fellowship hall. And we have many improvements that we would like to make for access into our facility overall. Therefore, any additional donations or contributions that you would prayerfully like to make toward the final payment of our door upgrades would certainly be appreciated!

Yorkshire Church is financially healthy! We are able to pay our bills, shares of ministry, invest in ministry, repair and upgrade our facility, and begin to support various missional outreaches. Our finance team led by Doug Berman, Justin Mann, and Alison Sutherland are doing an amazing job. And they couldn’t do this without our dedicated team of money counters led by Charlie Hoffman; Frank Herron, Steve Coates, Don Reigart, Ginny Browne, Susan Herron, Janice Hoffman, Barb Blair, Jamie Strange, Dale Auchenbach, Rick and Tara Focht, Fran Lucash, Elke Yingling, and Diane Tutino. Thank you to all of these great folks!

Our finances through the end of July are posted below. If you have any questions about them, please feel free to contact me or Doug Berman. We will be happy to answer your questions or expand upon any numbers that you would like to know more about.page1image31321888page1image31315232page1image31321472

Yorkshire Financial Picture including Joyful Noise Christian Preschool: January 2021 thru July 31, 2021

Income: Expenses: Working Capital:

$247,874.00 226,245.00

$ 21,629.00 (Positive Working Capital)page2image20796096

What this picture demonstrates is that with the offerings and gifts received, minus the bills and expenses that we have to pay, we have a little over $21,000.00 positive cash flow. This does not include the payment for the doors, or the additional $20,000.00 in shares payments we need to make by the end of the year. But the projection of income and expenses between now and the end of year should be able to support those expenses adequately.

One of the things we do when we review our financial picture, is consider the trends that are being revealed so that we can plan future events, activities, and ministry investments in a manner that allows us to remain financially vital, or what we would call “solvent.” While all is very positive, the weekly trend of gifts and offerings that we have received has declined a bit since the beginning of the year. The average weekly receipts in July were about 20% less than the period January thru April. This is not a cause for concern or alarm as we may see that it represents a normal trend when you factor in vacations and other seasonal effects. But it does mean that we will continue to be vigilant in managing our operating expenses!

You may ask how we are able to invest in our facility and various activities based on our income vs. expense picture. Another factor is our cash on hand, or what we would call our General Operating Fund. This is what resides in our accessible accounts (checking/saving) to fund our church. Currently this fund contains enough money to finance our church operations for about four months with no additional income. It also provides buffers for months where our actual expenses exceed our weekly income. This has occurred in 3 different months this year (April, June, July). This is also normal as we can’t always control the timing of expenses and sometimes there is just something big that comes along that we decide to take care of right away. But this is why it is important to ensure that we maintain a proper balance of what is in our bank account and what we invest. We report this on what is called in the financial guru’s world, a Balance Sheet. And with all of what I have reported in this letter, our Balance Sheet has maintained a very solid picture- in other words, we’re balanced! That is why we also report the needs to offset investments such as the doors. The more that we can maintain the “balance,” the more we can plan to invest in ministry and the upkeep of our facility.

I just want to thank each and every one of you for your part in the ministry of Yorkshire Church. We are so blessed to be able to offer the ministries that we do in the various means that we do so. That would not be possible without you. Your prayers, gifts, ideas, inputs, and most of all, your presence are absolutely critical to us being able to be called Yorkshire Church- instead of simply the gathering at Yorkshire. Although today I reported some of the business elements that are involved in running a church in the 21st century, the reality of “being” a church is not contained in the numbers. It is contained in the immeasurable elements of your hearts. It is contained in the essence of our fellowship and the love that exists within it. The importance of “being” the church is far more critical than that of “running” the church. Both are important, yes, but we also must ensure that we keep our priorities in perspective. Thank you again for being Yorkshire Church! God Bless!

-pastor dave.


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Announcements, August 15, 2021

What’s Brewing, August 5, 2021


5 August 2021

Greetings and Blessings!

It has been a week full of blessings since my last What’s Brewing letter. So, let’s just go through some of thehappenings.

The new doors have been installed and so far, your response has been very positive! There is still some work to be done as we are implementing electronic access technology. Instead of using a key to open the door, those

who formally had keys will have a “fob,” which unlocks the door by placing it next to a pad on the door. This gives us a very easy way to provide access to a broad array of folks and organizations and if the “key” (fob) is not returned after their access needs are met, we can electronically turn off the accessibility from that particular fob. From a security standpoint, it is a great improvement for the church- and no more trying to figure out where all of our keys are!

The Spoken concert on Friday night was a success in many ways. We had opportunities to fellowship with each other and friends. I was blessed to have a strong contingent from my former pastoral appointment, Red Lion Zion present. Many of our neighbors, upon hearing a strange sound emanating from our parking lot, proceeded forth to see what was the source of such music. We had some great conversations and many expressed an interest in either checking us out on Sunday, or for many, returning to worship at Yorkshire. This was not due to the music per se, but upon their witness of our fellowship. They could tell we were having fun together.

Some of the music was not necessarily what everyone tried to find on their car radio on the way home. The exception was our opening act, Corina Rose, who was certainly a blessing to everyone! Spoken plays a form of Christian rock that may be best considered heavy metal. But what fun we had experiencing this different genrepage1image34412224

of music. In one conversation with Janice Hoffman and Gladys
a suggestion about adding some of Spoken’s music to the Choir
remember if it was them or me that made this recommendation?
suit the listening taste of all that were present, it did not keep us from enjoying the time together and we made new friends, and greeted old acquaintances throughout the evening. We received very positive support from our community neighbors.

Another event that began and concluded this past week was the youth group trip to Impact which I wrote about last week. The great news to report is that from all that I have heard, it was a tremendously successful week for them and life long memories were made as they experienced great worship times with hundreds of other youths. One student shared that one of the most powerful experiences that she enjoyed was the outdoor worship at night. “The stars were out and it was just very powerful!” You can hear much more about this great outing from Pastor Megan in the Announcements!

Achenbach, I seem to remember repertoire… I can’t seem to But although the music did notpage1image34412848page1image34413264

On Tuesday, Julie Mann, our Joyful Noise Preschool Director and I participated in a seminar at Messiah University. The purpose of the training was to learn how employers can best reach college students as part of their recruiting process. We live in very different times and reaching college students with a compelling offer of employment is not only challenging, but highly competitive. Messiah did an incredible job in providing this information and we both learned a great deal and made some very useful contacts. But it also revealed that we have some work to do in providing an electronic/social media footprint that truly demonstrates who we are as a church, what our culture is, and what the environment here is like. We have to be visible to prospective employees and those that we wish to recruit in new ways. In the old days of recruiting, we would invite prospective employees into our facilities for an interview and a facility tour. But today, if we want them to even entertain a visit, they need to be able to do research on these things via various avenues of media.

Interestingly enough, we also learned something about this with our discussions with our neighbors on Friday night. Many folks have perceptions about Yorkshire Church. Some relate our culture as a church to experiences they had years ago when attending, or visiting. Many have a sense about who we are based on what they “heard” or had come to know about our culture and worship practices. Some had preconceived notions about us based on the formality of our church building. We have a very traditional red brick building with a very high spire which to some suggests a “high church” type experience. In most cases, the perceptions of us from the outside do not reveal who we are as a church and the reality of our wonderful fellowship. But, after interacting with many of you as well as witnessing our fellowship with one another during this outdoor event, several commented that they could tell that we were different than their previous perceptions- in a very positive way! Yorkshire, we are a warm, loving, and wonderful fellowship!

In other news, we had a Joyful Noise Preschool Board meeting on Tuesday evening. We are so blessed to have Barb Snare as our Board Chair! We are blessed to have a great board of directors. Joining Barb is Rick Focht who is the Vice-Chairperson, Tiffany Ivie who also serves as the Secretary, Lauri Mink, Suzanne Robertson, and our parent-board member, Brenna Seely. Preschool Director Julie Mann and I also serve as part of the Board. There has been so much activity regarding the preschool this summer! Julie has spent tireless hours recruiting, researching, repainting, remodeling, and restructuring just about every aspect of our wonderful school. Most of this is done on her own time. Her commitment and dedication to her calling serve as motivation and inspiration to me every day. The results of her efforts are easy to witness as soon as you enter the preschool wing of the church. As a result, we now have a staff of five serving the children of our community; two teachers, two teacher aids, and a director! Our enrollment is currently nineteen four-year old students and six 3-year-old students- and we are still growing! We will be converting what was known as the pastor’s office to an office that serves the needs of this dynamic team. This is great stuff and we can truly be proud of the leadership that we have in Joyful Noise Preschool!

Many other things are happening – the Eagle Scout project transforming the garden into the Preschool playground is nearing completion. We will be reconvening choir and other musical ministries. New Sunday School classes are in development which will double our Sunday morning curriculum offerings (more to come on this). Greetings and Hospitality programs are in development to serve our fellowship-both those that attend in person, and new ways to meet the needs of those that cannot. Our missions and outreach programs are continuing to develop. Next week, I will provide a report on our financial status through the first half of this year- and I can tell you that it is very positive- thank you, thank you, thank you!

Well, these are my ramblings for this week. Blessings to each of you! Have a great day! -pastor dave.

125 Edgewood Road, York, PA 17402 • (717)755-4952 • www.yorkshirechurch.orgpage2image49203456

Worship Bulletin, August 8, 2021

Announcements, August 8, 2021

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