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Announcements, June 13, 2021


9:00AM Contemporary Style Service 10:00 AM

11:00AM Traditional Style Service

Scripture References for 6.13.21
Message: Gospel in Action
Acts 3
Acts 4:22, Matthew 28:18, Matthew 3:11, Additional Scripture References (not stated in message) Isaiah 6:10; 53:11, Luke 11:47; 24:44-49, 1 Corinthians 12:9, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Deuteronomy 18:15-19,
— Weekly Study: Isaiah Chapters 42 thru 53 —


Monday –Thursday the office will be open 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM. September 10, 2021, Friday office hours resume.

During 9:00 Worship Service: Preschool/Pre-K: Room: 102: Several people will be rotating to teach.

Sunday School & Educational Programs: 10:00 AM Hour

Orange is a path, a strategy that combines the strength of two—yellow and red—to create the bril- liance of another, Orange. By combining the critical influences of the light of the church (yellow) and the love of the family (red), the Orange strategy synchronizes efforts and shows a generation who God is, more effectively than either could alone. The Orange Strategy draws on the elements of won- der, discovery and passion, infusing them into children, students and young adults. Why? To see God for who He is, to help young people see themselves the way God sees them, so that they can love others the way God does.

Starting with wonder, Orange helps preschoolers embrace a God who is bigger than their imagination, then adds discovery so children can understand how to grow in their relationship with God. Finally, Orange fuels passion by giving students opportunities to be the church and to make a difference influencing their generation.


Curriculum entitled Orange
Grades 3rdthru 5th: ROOM 205: Mrs. Rachel Fry

Curriculum entitled Orange

YOUTH, 6th12th Grade: ROOM 104: Pastor Megan, Max Leckrone

Lesson is entitled In Between. This three-part series walks students through all the stages of a new life in Christ. In the cinematic story that unfolds every week, we follow Evan as he grows from first-time attendee at church to new Christian to strong, faith-filled believer. Even when his friends pressure him to abandon his new faith in Je- sus, Evan grows even more committed. This series helps young people examine the level of their own faith, and gives them a way to process the questions and doubts they might have about living a life for Jesus.


Book entitled Everyday Deserves A Chance by Max Lucado. Doesn’t every day deserve a chance to be a good day? An opportunity? A shot? A tryout? An audition? A swing at the plate? After all: “This is the day, the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.” But what of those days when traffic snarls, airports close, friends forget, and spouses complain? Or divorce days, final exam days, surgery days, tax days, or even days when the cemetery dirt is still fresh? “Yes, every day,” says best- selling author Max Lucado. In Every Day Deserves a Chance he unpacks Jesus’ delightful formula for upgrading each of your days to blue ribbon status: saturate your day in Jesus’ grace; entrust your day to His oversight; accept His direction. Grace. Oversight. Direction. G-O-D. The perfect prescription for filling your day with divine power and giving every day a chance. If you plan to attend, please let Susan know and if you would like the class book, please let her know as well. (Books are provided at no cost although donations will be accepted to offset expenses.) Susan’s contact information is: sworkinger9@gmail.com or 717-668-2654.


Philippians Bible Study: To Live is Christ & To Die is Gain, Matt Chandler
The story begins in Philippi, where Paul introduces three individuals that were all enslaved without the gospel. These individuals included, Lydia, the fortune telling slave-girl, and the hard working jail- er. Their lives portray dysfunction and emptiness but are completely transformed by the Gospel. True joy and Christ’s love begin to live within them, giving them a life of purpose. Paul himself was enslaved and then by God’s grace and mercy he could pen these popular words “to live is Christ, and to die is gain” and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Mens Fellowship New Series!

Starting on June 16, 2021

Wednesdays, on the sixes!

6AM Fellowship Hall, Donuts, Coffee, light refreshments -or-

6PM Fellowship Hall or *Sanctuary, arrive a few minutes early for a hotdog and beverage

We had such a great response to our first Men’s Fellowship Time, we will continue with expanded opportunities to better meet your schedule. We will do the same study on Wednesday mornings at 6AM and 6PM. We can catch you coming to work or going home.

Each time of fellowship is about an hour and is based on a video and discussion format.

Date: Sunday, June 27, 2021
Time: During Worship 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM Location: Yorkshire Sanctuary

Hey Church Youth Family!

Can’t believe it’s June already! But here we are! Below is the information about youth activities for June, July, August.

Sunday Nights:
Sunday nights in June, we are going to push our time back to 78:30. It’s still light at 8:30 and that way it’ll be a little cooler when we play our game outside so that kids aren’t overheating. The first 2 weeks in June, we will finish up our Feed the Dog series.

June 20th is Father’s Day, so there will be no have youth group that evening. Enjoy the time celebrating your Dad and be sure to thank him well for all he does for you!

June 27th, we have been invited to the Kominsky’s’ house (220 Apple Tree Lane, Mt. Wolf) for a pool party! From 6:008:30 PM, kids can enjoy swimming, games, talking and eating. Hot dogs and Hamburgers will be provided. Pastor Dave and his wife Holly are so excited about having us over!

July 4thwe won’t have youth group. See some fireworks instead!

July 11th and 18th, we will go through a mini-series called My Best Friend. We are spending the summer talking about relationships (see below) so let’s spend some time talking about the most important relationship of all! Is Jesus your best friend? What does that even mean? Let’s explore it together!

July 25th, we will have a mandatory parents’ meeting for any students attending IMPACT. More details will follow but please set aside that evening to plan to attend the meeting.

August 1stno youth group because this is the day we get back from IMPACT.

Bible Study:
For the summer, we are starting a Monday night bible study for students to dive deeper into their faith! Sarah Berman has felt a calling from the Lord to share what He has been teaching her about having healthy, godly relationships (of all kinds!). So she and I will be tag-teaming a series about godly relationships with family, friends, ourselves, and the opposite sex. From 6:30-7:00, middle schoolers will meet for small group discussion time. At 7:00, the high school students are invited to join us for the large group teaching. At 7:30, middle school parents can come pick them up and the high school students will stay for their time of small group until 8:30. All this will happen at the Berman’s house (3950 Ridge- wood Rd.), starting Monday June 21. We will skip June 28th since the Berman’s will be out of town, but then we’ll pick it back up for all 4 Mondays in July. If you have to miss one or more, still please come to whichever you are able to! It will be a fruitful time together! For more information, please don’t hesitate to ask! Friends are welcome!

Summer Fun Days:
Every other Wednesday this summer, we are going to have “Summer Fun days”. Students are invited to come hang out at church from 10-2, lunch will be provided. We’ll play games, maybe watch a movie, possibly be put to work, but in general just hang out and fellowship together! Friends are welcome! I know it’s a weekday so rides are tricky. I am able to pick a few students up but the seats in my car are limited, so first come/first serve. Summer Fun Days will be 6/23, 7/7, 7/21, and 8/4

youth group 7-8:30
6/21- Bible study at Berman’s (see paragraph for schedule) 

6/23-Summer Fun Day at Church 10-2
6/27- Pool Party at Kominsky’s’ 6-8:30

– NO YOUTH GROUP (return from IMPACT)
8/4– Summer Fun Day at Church 10-2

7/5– Bible study at Berman’s (see paragraph for schedule) 7/7– Summer Fun Day at Church 10-2
7/11– Youth group 7-8:30
7/12– Bible study at Berman’s (see paragraph for schedule) 7/18– Youth group 7-8:30
7/19– Bible study at Berman’s (see paragraph for schedule) 7/21– Summer Fun Day at Church 10-2
7/25– IMPACT Meeting (more info to follow)
7/26– Bible study at Berman’s (see paragraph for schedule) 7/28– Leave for IMPACTpage5image26159424

June 26 
at 9:00 AM, in Fellowship Hall, we will be making stamped cards.
Use our patterns or make your own. No experience needed, everyone is welcome. The cards will be sent to church friends and members.
Everyone is invited to join in this time of fellowship hall. Hope to see you!

Questions, call Susan Workinger at 717.417.5131 or email sworkinger9@gmail.

Friday, July 30, 2021 OUTDOOR CONCERT

Yorkshire will be hosting an outdoor concert event with our good friend Matt Baird’s band, Spoken. A few weeks ago, Matt threw out an idea for a parking lot event to draw folks to our church environment. Your response was a resounding, “we need to do this!” As a result, we are doing it! You will be getting a great deal more information on this, but it will include food trucks and an additional local artist who will perform prior to Spoken. It will truly be a great night of outdoor food, fun, and fellowship at Yorkshire Church!

1) Share our post on Facebook!

2) Talk to family and friends!! 3) Your neighbors!!!

4) Your coworkers!!!!

What’s Brewing, June 10, 2021


10 June 2021

Greetings to you Yorkshirians!

There have been a lot of great things happening this week at Yorkshire. I had a great time in fellowship with a group of folks on Tuesday evening to discuss how we can best approach the biblical mandate of Christ in being His “witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8, NIV). In a recent survey of our leadership team, the number one emphasis identified as a need for our church was outreach to our community and the mission field. This response was nearly double that of the second cause identified (Fellowship). Susan Workinger, our Missions Team Leader, is recruiting a mission’s team. Over the past few weeks, we have invited the church and our leaders to participate in this discussion to develop a strategy to accomplish this task which has been identified as one of our top priorities. In addition to Susan, Jim Valentine (Ad Council Chair), and my wife and I, four others participated in this great discussion and fellowship (Julie Mann, Laura Why, John Remsen, and Mary Beaverson).

As a result of our meeting, we identified three areas that we will be focusing on. The first area will include a focus on prison ministry. Over the next few weeks, a subset of the Missions group will begin to understand what this looks like. This may develop as a direct ministry, or a partner ministry with groups that have a dedicated focus on serving those who are struggling as a result of being incarcerated. Another area identified is in Child Advocacy support. There are many opportunities for us to provide support to agencies that have a focus and a need for resources that work in and around Child Advocacy. The last area that was voted on and agreed to was that we will be supporting 4 areas of missions and/or missionaries with financial support. This includes monthly support for Henry Hauser and his missionary work in Africa, Rebecca Jacobs of Time Ministries and her work in the Dominican Republic, and Micah Ruch and his work with CRU (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) at West Chester State University. Micah will be speaking to the Yorkshire Church fellowship on Sunday, July 4th, to discuss his testimony and passion for Youth and Young Adult ministry. Rebecca will be sharing her witness with us in September. The other area that was agreed on was providing $1,000.00 to the York City Day Camp initiative which is a partner effort with Messiah UMC – and Tanya Brubaker, Pastor of Calvary UMC, both in the city.

Our Casserole Ministry, which supports Our Daily Bread, also known as the Soup Kitchen, was discussed also. Since I have been here at Yorkshire, nearly a year now, I have seen a steady parade of foil covered casserole trays coming through the doors and into the freezer in the kitchen. I have always identified these as simply “casseroles.” When at the church and feeling the pangs of hunger, I have often felt the temptation to explore these silver containers of goodness to determine what I might eat. In my mind I always imagined that one of the vessels may contain something delicious like Tuna Noodle casserole. I envisioned that one just might contain Chicken Galore with stuffing and cream of chicken soup. Sometimes I even thought that I might be lucky enough to find Baked Ziti, or Shepherd’s Pie. But, even with the power of temptation, I never explored the aluminum packages to find what treasures may lie inside. Little did I know then, that all of these containers of delight contained the same recipe– Zippy Beef! Growing up in a generation where “casserole” was a part of most of our family meal titles (SPAM Casserole was a staple), I have never heard of “Zippy Beef.” Honestly, ifpage1image4926016

I had heard this term in any other setting, I may have assumed it was a sandwich or platter that might be ordered at Chuck E Cheeses, or at a theme park restaurant next to the Zippy Boats or Zippy Cars ride. When I googled “Zippy Beef,” I was amazed to find just how prevalent this dish is… how, have I never
heard of “Zippy Beef?”

Oh well. But the good news is that the team is excited to continue this effort of the Yorkshire Church and recruiting additional chefs to support the effort! So, if you are interested in providing a Zippy Beef casserole, I understand that the recipe is readily available. This is a once per month effort! If you would like more info on this before you see it in the announcements, just give Susan Workinger a call (717-668-2654), and she will get you connected to the right folks to begin your support to this great effort. There is also an effort underway to explore the possibility of once again providing servers at the point of distribution. There will be much more info to come!

I also was blessed to be a part of fellowship with a few folks that responded to our request for volunteers to re- launch our Greeting or Welcome Ministry for Sunday morning worship. One of the most important moments in a first-time visitor’s experience at a new church happens within the first two minutes of getting out of their car in the parking lot and entering the portals of the church. We agreed that visitors to our church are a gift from God. Have you ever thought about it like that? When folks pray that God leads them to a church that will be able to help them grow in whatever areas of life that they are seeking, He will send them to a church that will answer that prayer. A question that we pondered was in a sense, “will God send people to a church that is not ready to receive them?” Our discussions and training revolved around that question. How do we receive new visitors and guests to Yorkshire? Do we have the proper processes and programs in place to meet the needs of those that God may send to us? When folks come through our doors, do they enter a welcoming venue that allows for easy interaction? Do we have the proper information available to them? Is the environment conducive to personal interaction, discussion, and fellowship outside of the sanctuary? I am very thankful for the ideas, input and discussion of Karen and Eric Adamson, Kristin Berman and Jim Valentine who stepped up to help launch this critical ministry. Some exciting things to look for as a result will be an overhaul of our Narthex Lobby to modernize and make it a more welcoming area for not only first-time visitors, but our

existing fellowship as well. Some teasers for you (just ideas, of course )… it may include a coffee station, welcome center, and some new ways to encourage personal interaction and fellowship. If you would like to be a part of our Welcoming/Greeting ministry and these discussions, please let me know, or, let Kristin, Karen, Eric, Jim, or anyone else you see greeting each Sunday know. We absolutely need folks to participate. Last week, Beth Gross introduced us to a great closing hymn “The Church Song,” which she played as the postlude. The first line of the hymn says, “We are the church…” So, to successfully launch an effective Welcoming ministry, we need “we” to be the church!

Tonight (Thursday 10 June), our leadership team and scout leaders will hear a presentation from Austin Strickler, a young man in Troop 25 who is seeking his Eagle Scout Designation. His project is to convert our outdoor garden area into a play area for our Joyful Noise Preschool Children. As our preschool continues to grow, this will be a tremendous enhancement to our offerings. I will cover more about that next week which will also include our financial numbers through the end of May! We are a blessed Church!

Have a Great and Blessed Day!

-pastor dave.

125 Edgewood Road, York, PA 17402 • (717)755-4952 • www.yorkshirechurch.orgpage2image4856944page2image11407104

College Connection

Yorkshire Church is thrilled to recognize two college graduates and four high school graduates from our church!

KARIM BARSOM – Karim graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He will be moving to Michigan where he has an engineering position with General Motors. His parents are Mansour and Samia Barsom.

CLAUDIA MINGORA – Claudia graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a BS in Nursing and had plans to become a NICU nurse. Her parents are Wendy and the late Anthony Mingora.

SARAH BERMAN – Sarah graduated from Central York High School. She will be attending MIT with a double major in mathematics and economics. She also plans to continue her basketball career. Her parents are Doug and Kristen Berman.

BRAYTON KOMINSKY – Brayton graduated from Northeastern High School. He plans to attend Wilkes University to major in Hospitality Leadership. His parents are David and Holly Kominsky.

MICHAELA MONTICCHIO – Michaela will be graduating from Logos Academy this month. She will be heading to Lancaster Bible College with an interest in music. Her parents are Matt and Becky Monticchio.

JACOB WINGARD – Jacob has graduated from York Suburban High School and will be attending York College of Pennsylvania. He is interested in the medical field and environmental science. His parents are Kevin and Connie Wingard.

11:00 Worship begins at marker 46:30

Worship Bulletin, June 6, 2021

Announcements, June 6, 2021

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