Yorkshire Church Youth Group in York, PA

The Yorkshire Church youth group is a vibrant community that welcomes every teenager seeking a safe space to grow, connect, and explore their faith. Our youth group is a place where young people can find belonging, encouragement, and guidance while having fun and making meaningful friendships.

We believe that joining our youth group can provide teenagers with many benefits that go beyond building friendships or being part of a community. Our youth group offers various activities, including movie nights, game nights, retreats, summer camps, and mission trips to help teens explore their spiritual side and discover their purpose.

Through our gatherings, we provide opportunities for young people to strengthen their faith, discuss challenging issues, and learn from wise mentors. Our mentors are trained and committed to offering a safe and supportive environment for teenagers to share their stories and struggles and find practical solutions to their challenges.

Our youth group program also incorporates service opportunities that help students to give back to their community, demonstrate compassion, and live out their faith in a practical way. Volunteering helps our young people to develop social skills, leadership, and empathy, and be an instrument of change in their communities.

In the Yorkshire Church youth group, we firmly believe in cultivating strong relationships with God and others. Our youth have ample opportunities to worship, praise, and serve God with their gifts and talents. They can participate in music, drama, creative writing, public speaking, and other art activities that help them express themselves and discover their unique God-given talents.

Joining our youth group is also an excellent way to learn and grow under the guidance of experienced and trustworthy leaders. Our leaders are passionate about mentoring teenagers and helping them write their faith stories and become the best version of themselves.

For more information, please contact the church office directly.