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Worship Bulletin, May 23, 2021

Announcements, May 23, 2021

Worship Bulletin, May 16, 2021

Announcements, May 16, 2021

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13 May 2021, Good Day Yorkshire!
Peace and Blessings to you on this day. There is so much going on this week that I am struggling to keep up

with it all. I’ll do my best to touch on as much as I can.

First of all, our men’s Wednesday Fellowship on the Sixes continues to thrive. Meeting at 6AM and 6PM, we have over 20 men meeting each week to hear messages on how the Word of God applies to elements of a man’s life. The current series is challenging us in what is the definition of manhood as it relates to our everyday lives and the means in which we approach life.

This week the Women’s Bible study kicked off on Monday evening as they are endeavoring on a path of scriptural study looking at the “Through the Promises of God.” In a fellowship setting, the women are discussing together how God’s promises can affect our minds, hearts, and everyday lives. If you have not attended this study, I would highly recommend checking it out!

In our announcements this week, you will see that Rick Focht and Team Education will be launching a new Sunday School initiative which will add weekly classes to our current children’s and sanctuary classes for the 6- 12 grade level and an adult class! This means that we will now have active Sunday School programming for every age group. Specific details are included in the Announcements for this week, but there is some very compelling study material that will be available for everyone. I am thankful to Rick and the Education team folks for making this happen, and I know that this is just the beginning of a dynamic Christian Educational process at Yorkshire Church! As we grow, we will need your support as teachers and assistants, etc. So, if you are feeling a tugging at your heart to serve in this capacity, please let brother Rick know and he will work with you to get you plugged in to the team!

I was truly inspired through a meeting Pastor Megan and I shared with Susan Workinger and Susan Herron regarding our upcoming Graduate Sunday which will be happening on June 6th during the Contemporary Service hour (9AM). As we will be including the Graduate Recognition process as part of our Missions Jerusalem Team (Missions/Outreach that serves the body), it was exciting to hear the passion that goes into your support of our graduates through cards, gifts, letters and other connectional efforts. There is so much enthusiasm in this fellowship for one another and keeping those that leave the fray to pursue educational, technical and military training connected through your love and care is incredible!

Our Facebook/Social Media advertising campaign has netted us some quick results in our search for a new custodian and Dave Lloyd began the candidate interviews on Tuesday evening. This will continue into next week as we have several qualified candidates that have applied for the position. I am also thankful for those in our fellowship that have reached out to offer their assistance in helping to keep the church and the grounds clean and in good repair during this transition. We are truly blessed and thankful for God’s provision. Help is on the way!

We continue to need your assistance in passing the word about the opportunities in our Joyful Noise Preschool for Teachers and Teacher Aides. The good news is that we are receiving candidates, but we are also receiving new enrollments. So, if you know anyone that may be feeling a calling to teach in a Christian Preschoolpage1image5333952

environment, please pass our info along- we need your help! I am very excited about what this next year brings for our students and our school. There is so much joy in our classrooms everyday and we can all be thankful to our preschool staff (Julie and Sharon) for making this happen. This is not simply an environment of teaching and learning for these students, but an atmosphere of love and caring. They are not only learning educational fundamentals, but they are learning about God and Jesus and how they are loved. Everyone can participate in this through your ongoing prayers for these young folks that God has called us to serve. Your continued generosity through your faithful gifts and offerings are allowing us to reach out and serve growing numbers of children! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

On the financial front, the church continues to be very healthy. The work of our finance team and the daily efforts of our Treasurer Mann (Justin) are greatly appreciated. Our finance numbers through the first four months continue to demonstrate favorable results:

2021 Year to Date (YTD) Income: $150,082

Expenses: Operating Profit:

Capital Expenditures: Total Profit/(Loss):

130,514 $ 19,567

$ 8,081(Facility Improvements YTD) 11,486page2image11709504page2image11710272

What a blessing it is to be able to share these numbers with you. I know that the presentation of such numbers can make the church look like we are running it like a business. We are not. But there are elements of being a church that requires our finance team to ensure that we are being fiscally responsible while serving the fellowship and supporting our ministries, missions, and facility requirements. I cannot tell you how thankful that I am that we have the financial leadership that we do in this church.

The final note for this week is to update you on the outside doors upgrade project. We are waiting for an install date from our contractor as well as a rendition of what the doors will look like. It is interesting to note that as I was researching information for another basic maintenance project(thank you Alison for finding the necessary data from 2011!), I saw that the front sanctuary doors were actually identified as needing to be replaced back in 2011, but that part of the renovation was removed from the project. So, this is not only needed to curb the participation of our small, long-tailed furry friends from worshipping in our facility through the week, but also

from a serviceability and operational aspect, as well.

This will require a $22,000.00 investment for our church. I thank you for your designated gifts to the building fund/door project of $2,000.00 so far. Although we are not launching an official campaign/fund drive, we are hoping to fund as much of this project without affecting our operating funds, as possible. It is my hope to provide an image of our new doors (Sanctuary, office, kitchen) as soon as they are available. Special gifts can be designated to either “Building Fund,” or noted to be used for the new doors. Our Trustees certainly “got things going on!”

Well, need to run to find some more stuff to do! These are exciting times at Yorkshire Church. If I’ve said this before, I apologize for repeating myself, but Holly and I are blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this fellowship!

Peace and Blessings to each of you!

-pastor dave.

125 Edgewood Road, York, PA 17402 • (717)755-4952 • www.yorkshirechurch.orgpage2image5259264page2image11713920

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