Visiting Yorkshire on a Sunday Morning

Where should I park?

Church visitors standing in the Yorkshire Church parking lot
Parking spaces

The parking lot surrounds the building on three sides with Edgewood Road across the back of the church. You are welcome to park anywhere but we do have three visitor parking spaces directly across from the entrance.

When are the services?


Steps leading to the front doors of Yorkshire Church in York, PA
Yorkshire Church front doors

The contemporary service starts at 9:00AM, Sunday School for adults, teens, and children starts at 10:00AM, and our traditional service starts at 11:15AM.

What should I wear?

Dress as you like. We suggest "business casual" but you will see any kind of dress when you enter the doors from suits/dresses to jeans/shorts. God loves you just the way you are.

Where do I go when I enter?

Open doors leading to sanctuary and pastor at Yorkshire Church
Doors to the Sanctuary

Doors and hallway to the first floor and nursery at Yorkshire Church
Doors to the first floor and the nursery

Greeters or ushers will be at the door in the narthex (lobby) to direct you wherever you need to go. The sanctuary is directly ahead, the bathrooms are to your left towards the second-floor doors, and the nursery is through those doors, down the steps to the first door on the right. At this time, we do not have nursery services but the room is open as a cry room or a changing station.