Yorkshire Church Men's Bible Study

Welcome to the Yorkshire United Methodist Church's Men's Bible Study in York, PA, where men gather together to delve deeper into the Word of God. Our Bible study group offers a unique opportunity for men of all ages to engage in meaningful discussions about the Bible, share their experiences, and grow spiritually.

This group provides a supportive and welcoming environment for men to deepen their faith. Our group is made up of men from various backgrounds, professions, and ages, providing a diverse range of perspectives. By participating in our Bible study group, you will forge deeper connections with other like-minded men, as you explore the Scriptures together.

Wednesdays at 6:00AM and 6:00PM

Meeting in an upstairs classroom
Coffee and doughnuts are offered in the AM and coffee and
hotdogs are offered in the PM
Sanctuary will allow for ADA access for those who have difficulty with steps

In addition to learning and growing spiritually, our Men's Bible Study offers a safe and confidential space for men to share their personal struggles and prayer needs with others. We believe in the importance of supporting and encouraging our members both spiritually and emotionally, and the sense of community and brotherhood formed within the group is invaluable.

Furthermore, our Men's Bible Study offers flexibility and convenience, which is why we offer morning and evening opportunities to meet.

The Yorkshire United Methodist Church's Men's Bible Study provides a unique opportunity to deepen spirituality, connect with other men, learn from other's experiences, and form meaningful relationships.