Yorkshire Church COVID-19 Procedures

Yorkshire Church is committed to providing a safe environment for all who choose to participate in in-person worship within our facility.  But, we also want to provide an environment that allows you to relax and enjoy the fellowship of our church family.  Our guidelines are simple and by now, steps that everyone is familiar with.  Procedures have changed since June 2021. Modifications are listed below. 

Wear a mask.  The wearing of a mask is now optional. We encourage those who are not vaccinated to wear a mask but that is up to the wearer to decide.  Exceptions are for speakers and musicians, where our in-house practice provides for thirty feet of inter-personal space (family members are excluded from this), as well as when you are eating or drinking.

Designated Pews.  We are enjoying two worship services each Sunday morning but there are NO designated pews any longer.

Hand Sanitizer.  We have placed hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the facility.  Feel free to use these regularly as you move through the facility.   It is so hard to not shake someone’s hand at times and sometimes we simply forget. This, in itself, will not spread the virus as long as you use the hand sanitizer before touching anyone else including your eyes, ears, nose, or mouth.  Stay ahead of the curve and stay sanitized!

Social Space.   As we honor our time of fellowship, we take this time to honor each other’s social space.  This is not because we don’t like or love one another, but it ensures that we all stay safe during this time of increased viral spread.  Six feet is the minimal guideline, and we have found that we can still communicate with one another and maintain this distance.  We ask that you do your best to exceed the 6-foot minimal guideline as an increased safety measure.  We ask everyone to do their best.

Our facilities are disinfected daily using The Zero Hazard sanitizing process, which is a systematic method for environmental cleaning and sanitizing that aims at reducing harm to human health and the environment while improving the hygiene of a facility's environment.

During these challenging times, the last thing we want folks to feel when they come to enjoy a time of separation from the world and the noise of the media is that they are subject to restrictions and rules.  We recognize that the majority of those who will worship in our facility have not been exposed or pose a current threat of spreading this virus.  But, it is possible that one could be notified of an exposure that they were not even aware of requiring a quarantining process.  Each additional person that was interacted with outside of the guidelines and protocols of our health and safety experts may also need to enter a time of quarantine- even though they may ultimately test negative.  By adhering to our simple steps and guidelines, we can certainly minimize even the inconvenience of the ramifications of exposure.  We appreciate your support!