Sunday Morning Educational Opportunities

During 9:00 Contemporary Worship Service - Preschool/Pre-K: Room: 102: Several people will be rotating to teach.

Starting with wonder, Orange helps preschoolers embrace a God who is bigger than their imagination, then adds discovery so children can understand how to grow in their relationship with God. Finally, Orange fuels passion by giving students opportunities to be the church and to make a difference influencing their generation.

During Advent, our Children's Classes will continue to work through their programs which follow the Advent Story.

During Sunday school time, 10:15AM - Preschool– 5th

Orange is a path, a strategy that combines the strength of two—yellow and red—to create the bril- liance of another, Orange. By combining the critical influences of the light of the church (yellow) and the love of the family (red), the Orange strategy synchronizes efforts and shows a generation who God is, more effectively than either could alone. The Orange Strategy draws on the elements of won- der, discovery and passion, infusing them into children, students and young adults. Why? To see God for who He is, to help young people see themselves the way God sees them, so that they can love others the way God does.

Grades K-2 (room 203) Mrs. Snare - Grades K-2 teacher

Grades 3-5 (room 205) Mrs. Fry - Grades 3-5 teacher


Adult Classes


"God Came Near" by Max Lucado  November 21 - December 26

Everyone is invited to this church-community series!

Take part in our exciting Advent Sunday School event with Max Lucado's Video Series, "God Came Near."  This is a church-wide study that will be presented in three venues within the church at 10:15AM throughout the Advent Season. 

Sanctuary Setting: Facilitator is Pastor Dave. This will be for those that would like to participate in the series as a viewer, receiving the lesson to digest and ponder in your time or manner. 

Fellowship Hall & Room 204: Facilitators are Holly Kominsky, Jim Valentine, and Debra Why. Groups will view the content and then engage in interactive discussioin with one another prompted by questions regarding the study.

Youth Room: Facilitators are Pastor Megan and Joe Blackwood. Our Youth will view the content and engage in discussion regarding the video content. 

All regular Sunday School classes will resume on January 2nd.