What are Life Groups?

Life groups consist of up to 10 or so people with the goal of growing closer to Jesus together.

Commonly called small groups, core groups (or many other names!), Life Groups are a way to connect with God and His people on a deeper, more meaningful level. They offer times for Bible study, fellowship, fun, prayer, support, and much more. Rather than limiting your church experience to a Sunday morning, Life Groups allow you to connect with others throughout the week at a time and place that is convenient and comfortable for you.

Life Groups were new to Yorkshire in 2019. So we’ll be assessing them carefully to make sure they’re enjoyable and meaningful for all involved. Have more questions? Contact the church office.

In a Life Group, you can expect to:

  • Meet Weekly (generally speaking)
  • Party Monthly (have fun together)
  • Serve Quarterly (make a difference in your community)
  • Invite Occasionally (as you come to love your life group, there will be specific opportunities to invite others to be a part of your group. Outside of these times, groups are ‘closed’ to allow for relationships to develop and deepen.)

Currently, we offer four types of groups:

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Couple’s (some are child-friendly, too!)
  • General Adult Groups (any age or stage!)

How do I find and join a Life Group?

Just email the church office or click the button below to fill out and send a Life Group interest form.

What about my kids?

Childcare is handled within the group. Because most group members are in a similar life-stage, it’s nearly guaranteed there will be other individuals or couples with children in your Life Group. Each week, two men or two women will sit out of the discussion and watch the children in your group. (This could be by leading games or activities, playing in the yard or at a nearby park, or by watching a video or movie together.) By mandating two men or two women watch the kids each week, we follow safe sanctuaries practices and also ensure couples are always represented. If the group agrees to a different method of childcare, that is fine, too!

Another great option is to choose studies to do with kids and adults from time to time or find time during each session to make sure your kids are included. Need suggestions?

Let us know!

How often do we meet?

Fall through Spring, we ask life groups to meet every week or nearly every week because this is the primary vehicle for you to grow in flourish in community. Your commitment to this group will directly correlate to the outcome of this group. Things happen, so missing a night here and there isn’t a huge deal! If there’s a night when something special happens for a group member, you could even make that week’s session be to support your member (ex. a Christmas concert, graduation, etc.)

During the summer, we want you to stay connected in other ways. Plan a neighborhood cookout at one of your houses and invite friends. Watch fourth of July fireworks together. Plan a day at the lake… Basically, enjoy your personal vacation plans, but also make time once per month or so to be together as well!

Want to form a new group?

Want to start your own life group? Just email the church office!

NOTE: Life Group for Men meet Wednesdays, @ 6:00 PM, in room 202.